Animation depicting a smooth transition between one to many to one to one conversation

Individual and mass communication

Get personal with ease

Connect with an individual or a group, inspiring conversations and turning outreach into action

An inbox that scales

Easily keep track of all conversations and never miss a beat

Target your audience

Select and target demographics in a variety of unique and powerful combinations

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Communication across channels

Say what you want by SMS or email

Keep the conversation going by using the channel your audience prefers, all from one place

Digital and physical

From short and sweet SMS to full-fledged printed letters, we've got you covered

Channel switching

Effortlessly jump from a text message to an email to adapt to your audience's needs

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Animation showing the app can change from email to sms and viceversa
Animation showing two teammates drafting content together, commenting with emojis

Team collaboration

Get more done, together

With real-time collaboration, teammates can work together on content, share context, and redistribute workload smoothly

Do it together

Draft with a teammate in real time and get the right message out faster


Assignments make it clear who's responsible for next steps so you can focus on what’s important

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Why Ascendant

A powerful toolset to foster all kinds of communication

Ensure every voice is heard

Track every message with a flexible inbox that is built to handle conversations at scale

Everyone in sync

Give your team a shared perspective with a common inbox that keeps work moving quickly

Grow your audience

Organically build your audience by sharing multiple ways for them to reach out and connect with you

Valuable analytics

Get insights into what your audience is talking about to focus on what's most important to them

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Meet the new standard for conversations that matter

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