1. Our services

We issue unique phone numbers or other communication accounts (“Ascendant Numbers”) to individuals and entities or their designees (collectively, “Ascendant Leaders”). 

Ascendant Leaders can use Ascendant to message with the individuals who have agreed to message with them  (“Ascendant Members”).

Please also read our Privacy Policy, which describes how we collect, use, and disclose information when you use Ascendant which apply to Ascendant Leaders and related customers.

2. Eligibility to Use Ascendant

You are not permitted to use Ascendant (including sending messages to an Ascendant Number), a) if you are under the age of 13,  b)  you are a child for whom parental consent is required to fully use Ascendant under applicable laws, c)  we have previously suspended or disabled your account for violations of our terms and policies, d) we do not direct our services to your geographic territory, or e) you are otherwise prohibited under applicable laws from using our services. Certain age requirements may be waived if you’re a Leader and we have received your verified parental consent. If you are using Ascendant on behalf of an organization, then you are entering into these Terms on behalf of the organization, and you represent that you have the authority to bind the organization to these Terms.

3. Our Messaging Policies

You must not use Ascendant to transmit any content or data that is unlawful, that infringes any intellectual property rights, or that otherwise violates our Terms of use. If you think someone is sending messages in violation of our Terms of use, please email us at Though we have no obligation to do so, we may access, review, block (including limiting Ascendant Leaders’ ability to access messages), or delete your messages at any time and for any reason, including (i) to provide and develop Ascendant, (ii) if we think your messages violate these Terms, (iii) you have not fully completed registration with Ascendant and/or connected with the relevant Ascendant Leader, and (iv) to comply with applicable law or any request or requirement of a court, law enforcement or other administrative agency or governmental body. For any messages sent or received, we do not guarantee: (a) the suitability or legality of such messages; (b) the truth or accuracy of such messages; (c) the performance or conduct of people on Ascendant (including Ascendant Leaders and Ascendant Members); or (d) who an Ascendant Leader or Ascendant Member permits to access and use Ascendant on their behalf.

4. Terms for Ascendant Members

By sending messages to an Ascendant Number, registering to become an Ascendant Member, or otherwise using Ascendant, you agree that:

  • we may send you account-related messages at the phone number or account you have provided to us or the Ascendant Leader;
  • we may share the registration information you submitted for one Ascendant Leader with other Ascendant Leaders that you agree to message with instead of asking for you that same information again;
  • each Ascendant Leader alone (and not Ascendant) is responsible for determining whether and what messages are sent to you via their Ascendant Number and when those messages are sent (which may be at any time of day, including on weekends or holidays);
  • messages (including the timing and content of messages) sent by Ascendant Leaders may be fully or partially automated;
  • you are responsible for any messaging and data charges that you may incur when messaging with Ascendant Leaders or with us;
  • your consent to receive messages is not a condition of any purchase;
  • Ascendant Leaders may block you from messaging with them via Ascendant at any time, for any reason, without notice;
  • Ascendant Leaders may not see your messages to their Ascendant Number(s) until you fully complete the registration process and connect with them;
  • Ascendant may filter messages from reaching an Ascendant Leader for various reasons, including based on an Ascendant Leader’s settings and where such messages violate our Terms of use;
  • some messages may not be delivered (e.g., if there is an outage on Ascendant or if a carrier blocks content);
  • messages sent via Ascendant may contain links to third-party websites or apps, which may be subject to different terms and conditions and privacy practices, and we are not responsible or liable for their content, products, or services (“Third Party Materials”);
  • you will use only your own phone number or account when messaging a Ascendant Leader (and if we discover that you did not use your own phone number or account, we may suspend or terminate your account access at any time); and
  • if you change or deactivate the phone number or account that you used when signing up to receive messages from a Ascendant Leader, you will email us at within 72 hours to update or remove your information.

If you want to stop receiving messages from a particular Ascendant Number, send a message that says STOP (case insensitive) to that Ascendant Number. For more information about our privacy practices (including information on how to stop receiving messages from all Ascendant Leaders), see our Privacy Policy. You may also request assistance at any time by emailing us at

By registering with Ascendant, you agree that Ascendant or Ascendant Leaders may use your information to send you emails, text messages, and other messages, including for Ascendant’s marketing purposes, informational purposes (such as updates to our service), and to suggest other leaders to follow.

By sending messages to an Ascendant Leader, you grant that Ascendant Leader (including individuals and entities working or affiliated with such Ascendant Leader) a worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, and perpetual license to use your messages in any way and for any purpose, and you grant us all of the same rights to use your messages for the purpose of operating, providing and improving Ascendant (such as to allow us to deliver your messages to the Ascendant Leader, analyze the messages, and to store your messages on our servers).

You acknowledge and agree that we may collect, analyze and use your messages together with your information, including demographic and location information, on an aggregated, de-identified or anonymized basis together with the messages and information of others, for any purpose, including to improve, enhance, further develop and test Ascendant and any of our technology, to create and refine algorithms and other machine learning methods and processes, to identify and predict patterns and trends, and to train and refine machine learning or analytical models or engines.